Stretch It

Your product is on shelf, but what next? New product development, or new markets? New marketing channels, or a different media mix? We will work with you to identify how best to utilise existing assets and brand equity to stretch or expand your reach, unlocking growth opportunities and success.


Identifying opportunities for growth within a range, or identifying a whole new range, needs careful consideration and planning. Every aspect of the new product needs working through, from brand to commercial to achieving listings and so on. We will guide this process to ensure the right questions have been asked and answered ahead of major investment being made into products, ensuring you get the biggest bang for buck.

New Markets

Are you aware that the UK population accounts for less than 1% of the global population?  Wow – that means opportunities exist to reach new customers. Advancement in technology and logistics means that export is a truly viable option for many brands in today’s market, opening up whole new territories and opportunities for businesses to grow. Our research and experience will unlock the right territories and opportunities for you, which may well reach beyond your initial ambition.

Channel and Media Mix

The lines of marketing are blurring, and what used to be traditional marketing channels above and below the line is evolving into an ‘always on’ need for information and new news. Reaching consumers effectively and efficiently requires a pincer approach, and we can help you understand where best to invest your marketing spend to reach the consumers you need through any media necessary.