Goal Setting

2017 was going to be different!

At the start of every year, or sometimes earlier, I look to revisit and set my business goals for Hatch Consulting, a FMCG marketing consultancy. I had a very clear focus going into 2017 with my business goals. I wanted to be more finance focused. What did I want to earn, how many days did I want to work? I also knew that finding clarity of my target audience and what Hatch really stands for would be crucial. My website development was also a biggie, and from there the ability to feed my social media platforms. And finally, I knew I would need to network more and meet new people if my business was to develop further.

I felt very confident that I had some very clear and measurable goals to work towards, which we know is key to business success. Although some goals have taken a bit longer to get close to achieving than others, I am pleased to say, this focus has paid off.

Business Goals - signpost

Defining Business and Personal Goals

The huge difference has been with my personal goals.  I started with the all too familiar ones that I’m sure most of us vow to achieve as that calendar changes.

Spend time with family

Holidays – we didn’t have any in 2016, so we went all out and planned 3 for 2017!

Planning for the future. My twins are now 3. School is not that far away!

Give something back

It was that “Give something back” goal that really got me thinking. My boys were older now, slightly more independent, which would allow me to do something a bit more challenging for a good cause.  I did not want to do “another” bike ride, so I started to seek out opportunities to really push me out of my comfort zone. I’m not sure even I realised just how much of a push that would be when I finally decided what my challenge would be.


When I look back at my business and fundraising journey so far there are so many parallels in developing a fundraising idea with growing a good strong business. Firstly process. I had to decide on a charity and I wanted it to be about children and young adults, a subject close to my heart. Dreams Come True are local and I had met them at an event last year.  I liked what they stood for and I liked who I met, a passionate crowd that I felt could motivate me. I could also relate to it as a mum.

This is very much the process I followed when starting my business. What motivated me, what did I feel passionate about, what would keep me driven through the good and the bad times. Whatever challenge you set yourself, either professionally or personally, there has to be a passion, a driving force that will keep you going no matter what.

This was really brought home to me when I decided on the activity I would undertake for this fundraising goal. An email popped in just after the New Year advertising a 100km arctic trek. It got my heart racing and excitement developed in the pit of my stomach. I knew I would love to go to the Arctic and potentially see the Northern Lights, 100km had a very nice round, ring to it, and I’d get a few days away from the kids 😉.

Walking training

Starting training, in slightly warmer conditions!


But then there were the bits that scared the absolute life out of me. It will be bloody cold! Will I come back with all my fingers and toes? Can I really fit in all the training and fundraising activities in around working and being a busy Mum? And, did I mention it’s bloody cold!

After 2 months umming and ahhing, changing the distance to a mere 65km, and listening to my gut I signed up. I still get butterflies thinking about it all but I felt the fear and did it anyway, to quote Susan Jeffers.

Business vs Personal Goals

The similarities to business goal setting are striking. Most of the best business decisions challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone in the way that my Arctic Trek makes me feel on a daily basis. But by defining the goals and following a clear process in our goal setting, it makes the challenging achievable. As this quote from Tony Robbins states – “Setting goals is the first step into turning the invisible into something visible”. With both my business and personal goals this year goal setting has been key to helping me realise that I can achieve everything I have set out to do, however challenging it seems.

This blog is the first in a series on my Arctic Expedition and how it is influencing and supporting my business goals.

If you would like to know more about the trek and how you can help with my fundraising click here.